Phalaenopsis hainanensis Tang & F.T.Wang

Publication: Acta Phytotax. Sin. 12(1):47. 1974.

Section: Aphyllae

Distribution: China, Hainan.

Etymology: From Hainan, region in China where is growing the species.

Phalaenopsis chuxiongensis



Photos of Phalaenopsis hainanensis in culture:
Photo :  Al Pickrel
Al Pickrel
Photo : Sian Lim
Sian Lim
Photo : Lanfu Wang
Lanfu Wang
Photo :  Rock Hsia
Rock Hsia
Phalaenopsis hainanensis

Primary hybrids: You can view Phalaenopsis hainanensis primary hybrids by species from the graphic page or via the following alphabetical listing.
Hybrid Name Pod Pollen Registered by Year
Tsiae  hainanensis braceana A.Hashimoto (O/U) 2003
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