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On this site you will discover a small part of the great Orchid familly : the Phalaenopsis. There are about 60 species in this genus with flowers of various shapes and colors. The goal of this site is to share a passion and to gather together as much information as possible about these plants.

One of my favorite Phalaenopsis is Phalaenopsis equestris. Phalaenopsis equestris is a floriferous plant which produces many branching inflorescence. For this reason, it is one of the most used species in Phalaenopsis hybridizing. Previously, my site was dedicated to the equestris. Therefore, you will find the information on my site regarding this particular species most complete.

This site is far from complete, numerous pictures are still missing. If you have pictures of Phalaenopsis species and/or primary hybrids you wish to share, please contact me: I am most grateful for any assistance in my efforts to continue building and expanding the site. Be careful: because of spam, the above email address is wrong. To contact me you need to correct it: you have to remove the first dot!

Warning : the fascination of these plants is so strong that, if you aren't careful, you'll soon have many of them in your home...


Any commercial use of photos from this site is strictly forbidden without written permission from the photographer.