Phalaenopsis Orchids : species and primary hybrids


The Genus Phalaenopsis

Herman R. Sweet

The Orchid digest - Orchids of the world volume 1 - Written in English.

The very best book around on Phalaenopsis species. Book originally printed in 1980 and unfortunately now out of print. Species are each described in botanical detail. Few color photos, but lots of sketches. If you could have only one book on Phalaenopsis, this would have to be the one.


Olaf Gruss & Manfred Wolf

Edition Ulmer, ISBN : 3-8001-6551-1 Written in German.

Best book today on Phalaenopsis species and primary hybrids of Phalaenospis. Illustrated with numerous beautiful pictures. A must have in your library..

Orchid Species culture, Volume 1

Charles O. Baker - Margaret L. Baker

Edition Timber Press, ISBN : 0-88192-189-0 - Written in English.

Excellent book, very complete with a large part dedicated to Phalaenopsis. Cultural information on each species. No photographs, unfortunately.

Les orchidées Phalaenopsis

André Poliquin

Edition Trécarré, ISBN :  2-89249-646-2 - Written in French.

The only reference in French about Phalaenopsis species. Very good book, with beautiful pictures.

Phalaenopsis: a Monograph

Eric A. Christenson

Edition , ISBN :  0881924946 - Written in English.

This book is the more recent update of the genus. The author includes the genus Kingidium and the genus Doritis within the genus Phalenopsis. All the pictures are in a single section ordered alphabeticaly.

Phalaenopsis Species

Chiba Masaaki

Edition Chiba Masaaki Phalaenopsis Species Publishing Society, ISBN :  - Written in Japanese and English.

Posthumous book by the man who discover Phalaenopsis chibae. Beautiful display. The species are alphabeticaly ordered but the classification do not follow the update of the genus by Herman Sweet.

A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species

Peter O'Byrne

Edition Orchid Society of South East Asia / Singapore, ISBN : 981-04-4479-6 - Written in English.

As you can see from the title, there is not only Phalaenopsis in this book, and every Phalaenopsis is not describe, but this is a really great book. One picture by species and indications about the needed growing conditions thru simples and clear diagrams.

The Orchids of the Philippines

Jim Cootes

Edition Timber Press , ISBN 0-88192-516-0  - Written in English.

Numerous orchid species from the Philippines are presented in this great book. 19 Phalaenopsis species are describe with, for each species, a photo and precious indications about the habitat and ditribution of these plants.