Phalaenopsis Stuartiana Hrubyana

Gardener's Chronicle n.s. vol. 21,  March 22, 1884, page 372 

Par Reichenbach fil.

Phalaenopsis stuartiana hrubyana nov. var.
Phalaenopsis Stuartiana Hrubyana, nov. var.

A glorious variety, having petals and sepals purple at the back, with a white broad margin on the petals, a narrow one on the upper sepal, the inner border of the lateral sepals also white. It has just flowered with Herr Baron von Hruby, Peckar, near Colin, in Bohemia, the most intelligent possessor of a very fine collection grown by Mr. Skopec. There also is most probably the grandest specimen of Renanthera Lowei, and which has given an opportunity for very interesting experiments, about which we may soon be instructed.H. G. Rchb. f.

Phalaenopsis Stuartiana Hrubyana, Gard. Chron. n.s. 21:372. 1884
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