Phalaenopsis mannii Rchb. f. in situ
Phalaenopsis mannii Rchb. f., was discovered in China, in Guangxi province, thus extending the distribution of this species. It was previously known in China in southern Yunnan, but also in Assam, in the eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam.

It is in the beginning of the month of May that this species is in bloom here, on a river side and growing under bright light. A large number of plants were find accompanied by other orchids like Cymbidium, Oberonia and Thrixspermum but also by Hoya and ferns. The Cymbidium visible in the pictures are Cymbidium bicolor and the Hoya flowers seems to be Hoya pottsii, this species being widespread in south of China.

All my thanks to Mr. Kyle Wong (orchidakai) for giving me permission to use his photos here and sending me the informations that you can read. You can see other great photos in his flicker account.

First discovery. In this overview, the first Phalaenopsis mannii plant grows alone on the side of a broad mossy branch, above a river. The fleshy roots are firmly pressed against the host tree. What seems to be a line on the left side of Phalaenopsis is a plant stem.
Another location where plants are now numerous and where you can see several generations of Phalaenopsis mannii growing in the same place. The trunk was completely colonized and is covered with epiphytes, some in bloom at the same time that all those Phalaenopsis mannii visible here.
Note the Hoya's umbel with white flowers in the center of the above photo and upper flowers from Cymbidium bicolor. 
The above three photos are enlargements of the original photo, the fourth of this page. You can notice the large number of flowers, some of which are fading and some seems developing a pod. Note how healthy are all those plants!
Notice the dry flower stem from the flowering of the previous year. It starts from the center of the picture and ends at the top left with a yellow capsule and the remains of the pollinated flower. The capsule has now started to rot but has released thousands of seeds when opening.
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