Phalaenopsis boxallii

Gardener's Chronicle n.s vol19,  March 03, 1883, page 274

By   H.  G.  Reichenbach fil.

Phalaenopsis boxallii, n. sp.

"This species resembles in habit Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi, and it evidently grows very strong indeed." It has rather pretty flowers (to my taste,veniam peto), with short oblong-triangular sepals, and ligulate acute petals, light sulphur coloured. Sepals with cinnamon transverse bars and blotches. Petals with three longitudinal cinnamon stripes, confluent at the base. The anterior blade of the lip crescent shaded with blunt angles and a central tumour, white. The lateral laciniae stand upright, and are very similar to those of Phalsenopsis cornu-cervi, coloured with white, yellow, crimson-lake stripes. The disc bears a short, bicuspidate yellow lacinia, and in front stands an ancipitous, ligulate, blunt keel, mauve in its superior, white in its inferior part. Column deep yellow-orange, with some red colour in base. It stands nearest Phalaenopsis Mannii, but may be immediately discerned by its short, broad, lateral sepals. It was discovered by Mr. Boxall in the Philippines, and was kindly sent me by Messrs, H, Low & Co, The plant being so vigorous, I venture to solicit more materials. There is also a hope of getting another novelty of this affinity, Mr, Curnow having gathered another (Malayan) plant that, from the fragments presented me by Mr, H, Low, appears to be very peculiar.   H. G. Rchb. f.

* Phalaenopsis boxallii  n. Sp. — Affinis Phalaenopsidi Mannii, Rchb. f., and cornu-cervi, Bf. and Rchb. f. : sepalis oblongo triangulis acutis aequaliter brevibus : tepalis ligulatis obtuse acutis, labelli laciniis lateralibus ligulatis oblique retusis, intus medio umbonatis, isthmo antrorsum contracto, lacinia antica semilunari obtusangula angusta medio callosa, lamella transversa bicuspidita in disco, carina lineari-ligulata ancipiti anteposita ; columnae basi utrinque angulata.— Ex Philippin ins , ab Optimo collectore Boxall lectam obtinuere ce'. merc. Londini, Hugh L w & Co.   H. G. Rchb. f.