Phalaenopsis maculata

Gardener's Chronicle n.s vol16,  July 30, 1881, page 134

By   H.  G.  Reichenbach fil.

Phalaenopsis maculata, n. sp.

This is a little gem ; one of the smallest Phalaenopsids, of the same group as P. violacea, with pallid sepals and petals,with a few dark purple-brown blotches on the inner side, but apparent also on the outside. The chief ornament on the lip is the central lobe, a deep purple,fleshy, semiterete body. The lateral lobes are obtusangular, the point of the triangle being obliterated by its sessile position on the disc, with a yellow callus, a purple anterior border, and numerous small spots. A little two-toothed plate lies on the base of the middle lacinia. For some time I have had in my herbarium a wild flower gathered by Mr. Curtis in Borneo, given me by Messrs. Veitch ; I did not, however, expect that it would prove such a lovely gem as it now does in the fresh flower. H. G. Rchb. f.

* Phalaenopsis maculata, n sp. ; Parviflora; sepalis triangulo-lanceis apiculatis : tepalis lineari-lanceis, labello tripartito, particionibus lateralibus obtriangulis, extus oblique retusis minute lobulatis, medium versus intus umbonatis lamina bidentata in basi partitionis medianae; semiteretis carnosae. Borneo. Curlis. Col. cl. Veitch. H. G. Rchb. f.