Paraphalaenopsis laycockii (M.R.Hend.) A.D.Hawkes Orquidea (Rio de Janeiro) 25: 212. 1963

Publication: (M.R.Hend.) A.D.Hawkes Die Orchidee xvii. 142 (1966).

Distribution: Bornéo

Etymology: In tribute to John Laycock (1887-1960) collector of orchids.

Synonyms: Phalaenopsis laycockii(M.R.Hend.) A.D.Hawkes Die Orchidee xvii. 142 (1966).

Varieties: Pas de variété connue / No known variety

Flowering: Blooming in spring / summer

Hou Tse Liu
Nik Fahmi (Vortex)
Micael Liu
Micael Liu
Micael Liu
Frankie Handoyo
Peter Wieczorek
Peter Wieczorek

Paraphalaenopsis laycockii

Lip detail

Primary hybrids: You can view Paraphalaenopsis laycockii primary hybrids by species from the graphic page or via the following alphabetical listing.
Hybrid Name Pod Pollen Registered by Year
Boediardjo denevei laycockii Kolopaking 1972
Kolopaking laycockii serpentilingua M.Ilgenfritz (Liem Khe Wie) 1969
Ponce es Ponce labukensis laycockii J.Izquierdo (O/U) 1992

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